Plakat NMF 16

3rd edition of Natural Mystic Festival was helded in 2016 at the same location and in the same time like the years before. Since huge audience recognized this festival as an important destination for reggae music lovers and since the local institutions have given full support to previous editions the organizers had to access the organization of Natural Mystic with undiminished enthusiasm.

One of the main reasons for organizing this festival lies in the fact that there is no other afro-reggae music festival in Serbia . After extinguishing the Trenchtown Festival in Palic, which had 2 or 3 thousand visitors daily, Natural Mystic has the potential to attract a similary large number of fans of reggae music from Serbia and region as well. This is supported by the fact that from all the countries of the former Yugoslavia only Slovenia and Croatia still have similar festivals.

Within the continuous growth of the festival there was also a need for an associations of citizens who will assume all obligations related to the organization of the festival. The objective is that through the work of the Association of Citizens called “Rekultivator”, organizers transparently display their business related to the organization and realization of the festival. Consequently, there has been a step forward in raising the quality of Natural Mystic.

Plans that the organizers set for edition 2016 concern in the first place to improve the quality of the music program. In this regard, the plan envisages the participation of at least one renowned musician or band from Serbia or region. In addition, the plan is to continue the tradition of bringing a foreign performers. The plan also provides the expansion of the festival program on a two-day duration including (film screenings, DJ workshops, sport events, the representation of countries with afro-reggae culture). In order to achieve long-term plans, one of maingoals is to start developing ideas for children’s workshops and Foodland (Stands with different types of food with an emphasis on healthy eating).

In the context of all the foregoing, it should be noted that the festival can continue to exist only with the burden of voluntary work and enthusiasm. However, to make the festival be raised to a higher level, of which it had the benefit of the local community, it is necessary to involve other relevant institutions of local government, the economy and the growing number of volunteers. Any form of support, and even non-financial would help achieving the objectives of the festival. Raising the festival to a higher level would place our city on the map of important events of alternative culture, and also promote our city as an environment that recognizes, respects and promotes social diversity.