natural-mystic-poster-2015Immediately after the end of the First Natural Mystic and universal positive impression, the planning of the second edition of the festival started immediately. As expected, organizer got full support of the Tourist Organization and the PUC Gornji Milanovac who recognized the value of this festival and realized the importance of continued maintenance of such an event.
After extensive work undertaken first year, it was much easier to arrange space for the next edition. Prior to the festival, trim trails for walking and recreation of hikers were totally decorated. Unfortunately, the objective reasons prevented the plans from the previous year for total decorating of Ždreban Hill. Regardless to that, even in second year festival met its objectives. The program of the festival was enriched by foreign performers and the idea of an exhibition of Afro-reggae jewelry which is conceived first year, fully come to life in the second edition. Also, in addition to local performers in the second edition one DJ from Italy and one DJ from Brazil took a great part of our program. Number of visitors has remained at a similar level as the previous year but lots of gaps observed in the organization of the first Natural Mystic were totally removed which contributed to a much better quality of second edition.
The general conclusion of the audience, performers and organizers is that Natural Mystic Festival should become traditional, due to its authenticity and power to transmit the message of the essential values of life.