Plakat NMF 14First Natural Mystic Festival was held on 30 April 2014 on the hill Ždreban near Gornji Milanovac. The creators and implementers of this festival were members of soundsystem called JahMessenJah, who has been popularizing Afro-Reggae music and culture for so many years with great passion and enthusiasm. After organizing a large number of concerts and parties of local and foreign artists, they came up with an idea for their own festival. Experience in organizing similar events and participation of JahMessenJah Soundsystem at numerous festivals in Serbia and in the region as well, gave the attic to this group of enthusiasts to start their own Reggae Fest.
Main focus of the festival is not just on the music. Reviving the only excursion site of city called Gornji Milanovac, festival tries to contribute in solving the problems of wider local importance. It should be noted that before first Natural Mystic Festival, this excursion site was completely neglected even when it was considered as a cult place to celebrate traditional Serbian holidays.
Tourist Organization of Gornji Milanovac led by Mrs. Mira Mirković, public utility companies, Red Cross volunteers and environmental organization called „GMOptimist ” performed great works of editing and clearing of Ždreban Hill as main excursion site. That same year, all of them agreed on the next steps that should be taken in order to further editing of Ždreban Hill. These works included covering the landfill access road, renovating the memorial fountain, providing benches for rest and hikers devices for recreation.
Within the first festival they organized Offroad Bicycle Race which has attracted a significant number of participants and observers. The music program of the festival consisted of performers from Serbia and one band from Slovenia. As expected, the festival has attracted a considerable number of people from Gornji Milanovac and the surrounding towns. First edition os festival totally fullfilled expectations of organizers, both in terms of number of visitors and by the positive atmosphere that has arisen from the message transmitted by the reggae music which include peace, love, unity, tolerance and love of nature … Gathering all impressions after first Natural Mystic festival the organizers received huuge motif to carry on and agreed to organize the festival next year at the same place.