If the word Ždreban reminds you at great music, a positive atmosphere, thousands of joyfull people and unusually beautiful nature, than we just remind you that NATURAL MYSTIC – REGGAE FESTIVAL will be held from April 28th to May 1st 2019. If you don’t know what we are talking about than better be sure to visit this place near Gornji Milanovac in the period we already mentioned, because the unique Reggae Festival called NATURAL MYSTIC will be organized for the 6th time in a row.

This year, we expect 4 days of top reggae selections at the hill Ždreban which is only 2 kilometers away from Gornji Milanovac. This traditional and international festival organized by Jahmessenjah Sound and UG Recultivator has so far successfully hosted so many famous musicians from all over the world. Every year, we are visited by some of the best Reggae performers, and this time that’s gonna be LION D from Italy, HORNSMAN COYOTE from Serbia, ASHER SELECTOR from Switzerland, DON MINOTT from Jamaica, DELIMAN from Austria, DEČIJA RADOST from Serbia and many many others.

We remind all mystical naturalists that the entrance to the festival at Ždreban hill is not charged. The first day and the opening of the festival will be held on April 28th in Gornji Milanovac at the Modesty Blaze club starting at 20:00 when Don Minot and the Dečija Radost will perform. The price for this evening is 250 dinars.