Reggae is a Jamaican popular music blending blues, calypso, and rock-‘n’-roll, characterized by a strong syncopated rhythm and lyrics of social protest, that’s why David choose this particularly style of music to express his message of unity and love.

Lion D (David Andrew Ferri) was born in London of an Italian mother and a Nigerian father and was raised in Pesaro, Italy, where he moved at a very early age with his mother.

Reggae helped him connect with the African side of his heritage he never knew. David lost contact with his Nigerian father after his Italian mother moved from his South London birthplace to her home country when he was 8 months old. As a young man he struggled with racism and despite being a gifted painter at school, had just a little interest in music until he heard reggae aged 17.

“Music is my school and my teacher. It’s everything. Music helped me build myself and grow myself. I keep the connection with Africa and my roots through the music”.

He released his first album, with the name of Lion D, in 2009 titled ‘The Burnin’ Melody’ under Bizzarri Records label.

In 2011 a second album is released, titled ‘Reap What You Sow’, a collection of his best singles and in 2013 he confirms his vocal talent with the album ‘Bring Back The Vibes’.
As a result of the success of his albums, his live performances grow in intensity, leading him to perform all over Europe and in Usa too for two years, getting a very good feedback.

In 2014 he spends three months in Jamaica recording his new album with Alborosie ‘Heartical Soul’. The album features great jamaican artists as Ken Boothe, Mr. Vegas and Alborosie of course. The video of ‘Heartical Luv’ has now more than 1 million views on youtube and is played by radio and sound system all over the world.

His style is a combination of several sounds having as common origin reggae: from soul to rock, with a mix of Reggae dj style. His songs face major topics as social justice and spirituality with a positive attitude.