03-04 Jun @ Revolution Festival Timișoara
17-18 Jun @ Regeneracija Dunava Eco-Music Fest
07-10 Jul @ Exit Festival
14-16 Jul @ Sea Dance Festival
22-23 Jul @ MontenegroSun ReggaeFest
16-19 Avgust @ Overjam International Reggae Festival

JahMessenJah sound system was officially established in 2002 in the heart of Serbia, town called Gornji Milanovac… Their work and enthusiasm contributed hugely to the spread of „Reggae“ music and „Rastafari“ culture in ex-Yugoslavia…They organized a handful of concerts and parties in homwtown with guests such as: Donald Minott (Jamaica), Wayne McArthur (England), Errol Bellot (England), Rivah Jordan (England), Webcam Hi-Fi (France), Danny Ranks (Austria), El Condorsito (Chile), U-Cee (Egypt) Damalistik “Roots Survival” (France), Asher Selector (Switzerland), Ras Victory (Trinidad and Tobago),Weedbeat Sound (Austria), Irie FM (Serbia), Dub Rebelion (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Conquering lion (Tetovo) and many others…The last three years „JahMessenJah Sound“ is a resident and one of the organizers of „Montenegro Sun Reggae“ festival and founder of their own festival called „Natural Mystic“, which takes place on a hill Ždreban next to Gornji Milanovac…Their favorite performances are primarily traditional multi-annual visits to „Trenchtown“ festival in Subotica and as the greatest performances stands the ones at the following festivals: Exit (Serbia), Reggae Serbia (Serbia) Verifying (Slovenia), Jungle Flash (Slovenia) Samoreggaestan (Slovenia), Ritual (Serbia), Regeneration Of The Danube (Serbia), Vodova (Serbia), Revolution (Romania)…„JahMessenJah Sound“ has never refused an invitation to host any artist and therefore in recent years they intimately mingled with a large number of people from across the Balkans and Europe…For all these years of their existence they have managed to build a unique „Roots“ style of musical expression for which they are famous, but also on their performances you can hear all the other directions in which the Reggae music develops … However, the „Roots Reggae“ sound is deep in their hearts!!!


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