Nemanja (aka HORNSMAN COYOTE) Kojic started his works as a dub trombonist in late 1990, by joining the serbian reggae pioneers Del Arno band. Beside Roots Reggae as a teenager he was influenced by Hard core/Punk/thrash music. In 1994 he formed one of the most prominent hard core/reggae crossover bands in Balkan called Eyesburn. His works with Eyesburn lead him latter into collaboration with brazillian world music/metal superstar Max Cavalera.

After Eyesburn took a break from activities in 2005, Coyote went to London (UK) and met Jerry Lions (Twinkle Brothers) who was the first Roots Reggae producer to work with him on the trombone instrumental songs. Not long after working with Jerry he linked with Jah Works (UK) to work on his first full lenght instrumental album “BRASS ROOTS”. That was his gate into the Dub/Reggae international scene of today. From then Coyote started to deliver horns for many UK and European labels and productions. With his instrumental versions he reached a number of almost 40 vynil releases with various producers and singers. He contributed his skills in playing and making horn arrangements on albums of artists like Lee Scratch Perry and Max Romeo.

In 2005 Coyote went to Poland where he signed with Karrot Kommando label. On their stable he released two vocal albums including hit songs like “GLOW JAH LIGHT” and “FLOWER FIELDS”. From Poland the tour continues through whole Europe,Mexico and Ethiopia.

In 2010 Coyote hit the inter continental tour with Jah Mason and Lutan Fyah. After those journeys, a hit single with Jah Mason was recorded. “BELLY OF THE BEAST” has a huge number of You Tube wievs and air plays worldwide. It was also released like a 7 inch record on IRIE ITES (Germany). In 2013 Coyote worked with UK based DUB CARAVAN on the double LP release called “BREATH OF PEACE”.

While touring the foreign countries he played with riddim bands like HOUSE OF RIDDIM, DUB AKOM and local soundsystems. In 2012 he formed his serbian reggae group under name HORNSMAN COYOTE and SOULCRAFT. H.C. and SOULCRAFT recorded two albums. Debut (2013) and “SAFE PLANET” (2016) and played many festivals at home and abroad. While workin with his band he didn`t stop to record internationaly, many releases where done in the period of 2013-2016. In early 2016 “ROARING BRASS”came out. A militant UK DUB album produced and released by London based Rasta producer ROOTS HITEK.

2017 is the year bringin a lot of releases by Hornsman Coyote. From 2016 Hornsman is based very often in EARTHWORKS STUDIO (Amsterdam, NL), so far workin on vocal and instrumental songs with Jah Works, Bunnigton Judah and High Notes band. As he choose to stay in his country of Serbia, he has a huge number of collaboration with his home fellow artists.

A new band was also formed in Serbia (2016). Another crossover expereance from Coyote called REMEDY. A hard rockin trio, in wich Coyote do the lead vocals and play guitar, mixin hard rock, blues, drum n bass and reggae. Album coming out in 2017.